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Vibrators That Look Like the Real Thing

Who said bigger is better? When it comes to sex toys, you don't need a whopping 14-inch mega dildo to get the job done. And for women, the most miniature toys sometimes lead to the most powerful orgasms.

75% of women need more than just penetration to orgasm, so it makes sense that clitoral vibrators are becoming popular. Something as small as a tube of lipstick or mascara can get you to the Big O. Just like bullet vibes, the best lipstick vibrator and other makeup vibrators are all about discretion, and investing in one may be a game-changer.

Designed to look like legit makeup, these mini vibrators are perfect for tossing in your purse or carry bag for a night. Pink Caramel Boutique stocks a wide range of these vibrators at a competitive price. Our vibrators have a slanted tip to provide direct pressure to your clitoris, bringing you to the brink of orgasm faster than applying the perfect lipstick or mascara. Moreover, their small size makes them super convenient to carry to the bedroom and easy to hold during sex. 

Body Safe Vibrators for Women

Our vibrators for women online are body-safe, phthalate-free, and made of non-porous material like silicone, so it's hygienic and easy to clean. Also, they come with different vibration settings, where most feature a single-speed motor. 


The idea behind these vibrators for women is simple; they look like real makeup, so you can bring it out in public without worrying about anyone finding out what it is. Moreover, the vibrators we stock feature a flat, slanted end that allows you to switch them up between broad and pinpoint stimulation for a bit of variation.

Vibrators We Stock

Lipstick Vibrator

Our lipstick vibrator is a chic, multifunction, super-powered mini vibrator that looks like an everyday beauty item. Add a stylish simulation to your bag with our favorite accessory and get a freshly flushed face that could only come from our vibrator. The compact size makes it travel-friendly, while the clever lipstick design does not slip under curious observers' radar.

Mascara Vibrator

Our mascara vibrator is a chic and discreet super-powered, multifunction mini vibrator disguised as mascara with a soft and supple sensation-magnifying tingle tip. Moreover, it has four vibrating modes, low, medium, high, and multi-pulse tease mode, and the super soft tingle tip wand amplifies vibrations. 

Lip Balm Vibrator

Our lip balm vibrator is a discreet super-powered mini vibrator designed to look like a lip balm with a soft rounded tip. The vibrator compliments form with function and has a single-speed motor with a soft tip for smooth sensations. 


Our vibrators for women online are available at a lower price from other sellers. At Pink Caramel Boutique, we understand that you do not want anyone to know what you purchased. Thus, we take your discretion seriously and ship the product in discreet unmarked boxes without mentioning the product name.

Buy vibrator for women online now. 

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