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Tips to Buy Women Shapewear Online

Wearing the right-fitting shapewear is a MUST for today's Selfie Generation. Every click must display style and panache without adding kilos to the profile! Well, shapewear can be an incredible asset for your assets. So much so that you'll never need to edit your pictures again.

In this blog post, Pink Caramel Boutique shares helpful tips to buy women shapewear online that can work miracles for your curvy body.

Buy Women Shapewear Online

Get the correct size

One of the common mistakes that most women make while shopping for shapewear is to buy a smaller size. The size will not contain the curves but make them bulge out in inappropriate places. At the same time, women who are not comfortable with snug-fit inner garments choose a size larger. The shapewear will not correctly outline the body profile. So, always get the right size. The size chart may differ from brand to brand. You may have to try out different sizes from various brands before you find the size that fits you correctly.

Try it on

Whether you buy women shapewear online or in a store, try it on. Pink Caramel Boutique's online store has an exchange option, so you can confidently try it on and exchange it for the correct size if it does not fit well. When you wear the shapewear, check all the sides in a mirror, sit down, and see where the fabric loosens or tightens. You should be able to sit and stand without feeling uncomfortable. The shapewear also should not restrict your breathing.

Check the Degree of Control

Shapewear offers different degrees of control. Light control shapewear provides minimal slimming and is suitable for everyday use. Medium control shapewear provides slightly more firming and is ideal for evening outs and casual dates. And the third one is firm control shapewear which you must save for special occasions when you want to look the best. The firm control shapewear helps reduce the body size, but it is also very restrictive. So, it may be uncomfortable for long-time wear. You can wear it for a few hours during the event and change it to something more comfortable.

Test the Shapewear with the Outfit

We recommend you try the shapewear with the outfit you intend to wear. The shapewear size and design may sometimes clash with your outfit, creating a very unflattering profile. So, whether you're planning to wear a day or cocktail dress, try it out on the shapewear to check if the final look is what you're aiming for.

Choose a Suitable Fabric

Choosing the suitable fabric is paramount when buying women's shapewear online. Choose a comfortable fabric that should match the outfit's material. For example, hosiery shapewear may cling to a cotton outfit. So, it would be better to go for a clingy fabric like polyester, spandex, or a blend of both.

Pick the Correct Type of Shapewear

There are various styles and types of shapewear available online, depending on your body type and the outfit you want to wear. Tights help slim the thighs, waist, and butt. Choose the tights' length depending on the size of your outfit. Eliminate panty lines and slim the stomach, thighs, and rear with shapewear panties. A high-waisted shapewear panty can even help tighten the abdomen. A faja or corset gives you a smaller and sexier waist with lifted-up busts. A full-body suit that hits the thigh provides an overall smoothing effect. Mid-thigh shapers help slim the thighs, hips, butt, and abdomen. This type of shapewear looks like a pair of bicycle shorts.

Choose the Right Color

When you buy women shapewear online, avoid selecting white, but you can go with black or beige. These colors go well even with white outfits. You can also go for shapewear in the color of the outfit that you want to wear.


Body shapewear is a great way to enhance your style. However, you need to be comfortable wearing it. So, always think of comfort before style when you go buy women shapewear online. You need to keep certain things in mind regarding the shapewear like it is difficult to wear and remove the body shapers. If you're wearing tights or thigh shapers, you may find it challenging whenever you attend nature's call. Think of all these things when you buy shapewear online from Pink Caramel Boutique. Apart from shapewear, we stock many women's accessories and lipstick vibrator to help you hit the right spot.


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